Thy Kingdom Come 

We join with Christians and churches across the world to light up the world in prayer, from Ascension (Thurs 21st May) to Pentecost (Sun 31st). On this page you'll find links and resources to help you pray, details of times for group prayer, and space to share your prayers with one another. 

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Full Programme and daily prayer topics 

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Share your prayers

Visit our prayer board to see what others are praying for, add your own prayers, and share what you feel God is saying during this time.

Prayer activities

There are 195 countries in the world today, and everyone one of them belongs to God! We long to see God's kingdom come in the world. But with so many countries and so much to pray for, where do we start?
Dudley Hanciles, our Community Minister, leads us in using the words Jesus gave us in the Lord's prayer and some simple actions to inspire our own prayers.
Prayer and care go hand in hand. Care for those you are praying for, pray for those you are caring for.
Helpful resources to guide you in praying about the coronavirus pandemic
Music and song have been a vital part of prayer, for as long as there have been people to pray! Have a listen to some of our favourite songs to pray to, or start your own soundtrack for prayer...


Activities and Devotionals for Families