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The area around us 

If you don't know our area, here's a little insight into the many exciting things going on in this thriving part of London. 

We are involved with and supporting the two main Residents Associations in our parish. The are both very active in the area.

Mapesbury Residents Association is the area to the south of the church
NorthWestTwo represents the area to the north of the church. 

We also have some very active community groups working hard to show some love to our area

Cricklewood Town Team does amazing work at a difficult boundary of Brent, Barnet and Camden boroughs, to bring some focus and love to an area that has historically been rather neglected, and been rather a 'passing through' place. The team aims to generate a thriving local economy that safer cleaner and greener. They organise many community events.

Willesden Green Town Team is a younger but equally active group trying to green up our station and area, and also to regenerate the Willesden High Road. 

We have two important green spaces nearby that are very well used by residents.

Gladstone Park is a huge open area to the north of the parish that hosts the Kilburn Cosmos rugby club and a weekly ParkRun.

At a different scale, the tiny gem, Mapesbury Dell also hosts a number of events through the year including an open-air carol evening with St Gabriels leading the singing. 

There are two primary schools close by - Anson and Mora. We have St Gabriels members teaching at both schools. Anson is within the parish and we have a great close relationship with them. 

Whilst we have many members living within the parish itself, you'll also scattered across the surrounding neighbourhoods, as you can see here:

Where we live