A selection of our most recent talks

We hope you enjoy them.

Mission Unstoppable!
The second in our series: Mission Unstoppable! - Stories from Acts to inspire and empower us for Jesus's mission in Cricklewood
Tim Sudworth, 15/09/2019
Ananias’ obedience in the face of doubts
The first in our autumn series: Mission Unstoppable! - Stories from Acts to inspire and empower us
Richard Berry, 08/09/2019
James 5: 12-20
The last in our series on the book of James - challenging practicalities!
Adam Dobrzynski, 21/07/2019
James 5: 1-11
- the next in our series on James - a book full of suggestions for practical Christian living. This one speaks of suffering and justice.
Liz France, 14/07/2019
What are we like?
Continuing in the book of James, he challenges us in our relationships - with each other God.
Roy Hutchinson, 23/06/2019

And if you want to look back a little further...

The tongue! How do we talk? (Steve Morris)
Father's Day - Be bold, Be strong, Be Dad (Tim Sudworth)
Pentecost - Spirit of wisdom (Christina Winn)
Faith and doubts, faith and actions - what's important? (Richard Berry)
Joy in hard times? (Liz France)
Thomas - How Jesus enabled him to believe (Andrew Dand)
Easter Day - "I have seen the Lord!" (Jane Morris)
"Do what he tells you" (Jane Morris)
Come and see! (Christina Winn)
Food for our Journey - Bible (Jane Morris)
Commissioned - to go forward (Jane Morris)
Wholehearted (Dudley Hanciles)
Belonging (Jane Morris)
Vision and Giving - reasons to be cheerful! (Jane Morris)
Let your Light Shine! - God's Daybreak (Jane Morris)
The Character of a Disciple (Adam Dobrzynski)
Disciple: Prayer (Richard Berry)
Giving (Jane Morris)
The Call to be a Disciple (Steve Morris)
'God with Us' (Dudley Hanciles)
Jane Morris, 28/05/2017