Vision and Giving 2011 Sound System Information


Worship is our highest priority as Christians. We are called to worship God with all our hearts, minds and strength. We can show our worship in how we lives our everyday lives, but there are times when we express our worship to God in words and through music, in praise.


At St Gabriel’s, we consider our times of sung worship to be an important time to tell God just how wonderful he is, to express our thanks at all he has done, and to seek greater relationship with him, by encountering him through his Holy Spirit.


We have an amazing team of 30 dedicated singers, musicians, sound technicians and visual operators who facilitate our sung worship each Sunday and at church meetings throughout the week. All of them commit a lot of time to rehearsing, individual practicing and praying over this ministry. They are a real blessing to this church.


Over the last 18 months, we have been working particularly hard to fan into flame the gifts God has given us within the team to make sure we are bringing our best skills to facilitate worship. This means that our musicianship is getting better and better, and also that we are getting better at being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and creating the right atmosphere for people to meet with God. We are on a really exciting journey as a team and expectant for God to use this ministry to do amazing things in peoples’ lives.


However, over the last year or we have been struggling to run this ministry the best we can due to our failing sound system. In order for our ministry to be effective, we need working resources. When our sound equipment isn’t working properly, it distracts our worship, both for us as a team, and the listeners.


Our current system is old and so bit by bit, speakers have been dying, the sound desk has been failing and our speakers’ microphones have been complaining with squeaks and howls. We also do not have the power to create the volume of sound we would like, in order to move, inspire and create a safe atmosphere for the congregation to worship freely and unselfconsciously.


We have had a thorough assessment of our whole system by DM For Churches (expert church sound equipment installers) and the diagnosis has been that our system needs major updating.


God is doing some wonderful things in our times of worship. This is why, this year, we have decided our gift day should go towards resourcing our worship. By investing in the physical aspects of our worship we can better facilitate what is going on in the spiritual, both now and for the future.


DM for Churches have recommended that we invest £15,000 in buying new equipment, which will be of long- lasting quality and will fit the needs of our church both now and as we grow and expand in the future. This money will be for the following:


New sound desk

6 new speakers with amplifiers                                   £12,000

cabling and installation

drum sound extras                                                    £600

compressors to improve sound                                   £350

new radio microphone devices                                    £900

renewing current speakers and amplifiers                    £1,150

             (at present unreliable)



You can help us in a number of ways...


You can pray

  • thank God for such a wonderful Worship Team and all they give to St Gabriel’s
  • pray for God’s financial provision for new sound equipment
  • pray for wisdom for Sarah dJ as she leads the team
  • pray that God will be calling new musicians and technicians to join and fill the gaps we have in our team
  • pray for the worship team; that we would keep growing in our gifts, that as front line people in the spiritual battle, we would be protected, that we grow in our relationships with God and one another

You can give financially

  • please take some time to ask God if and how much he’d like you to give to our gift day
  • we are asking for one-off gifts towards this vision, no gift is too small (or too large!)


You can offer to join the worship team

  • we are always looking for more people to join the worship team. It may that God is calling you to join our sound team, visuals team or to sing or play
  • the new sound equipment is a great chance for people to join the sound team, as we will have expert training after installation

 Please do talk to Sarah dJ if you would like more information.



Jane Morris, 21/11/2011