Day 11: Pentecost!


Today's message

Before Jesus returned to Heaven, He did one last important thing. He gave His disciples this promise,

But the Helper will teach you everything. He will cause you to remember all the things I told you. This Helper is the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name. ~ John 14:25

Just as Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit came and He filled all Jesus' disciples and other believers. The Holy Spirit gave them power and boldness to spread the message of Jesus and make even more disciples! The Holy Spirit is for today's disciples too! - That's me and you! God wants us all to receive the gift His Holy Spirit. Let's ask Him for this special gift today.

Reading - Acts 2:1-13


Prayer point - Pray to be filled with God's Holy Spirit


Action - Let God guide you, by His Spirit, as you reach out and tell others about the good news of Jesus



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