Day 7: Help


Today's message

"The Good Samaritan" is one of the most popular parables from the Bible. It's also an expression we use whenever we see someone do a good deed for someone less fortunate than themself. It's easy to focus on the main characters i.e. the man in need, the Jewish priest and the Levite who both passed by and of course the Good Samaritan! However there's another really important person in this story - God! God showed up in what was a hopeless situation. God's love flowed through the heart of the Good Samaritan and gave him the determination to help someone in need. Who can you help as you let the love of God flow through you today? 


Reading - the Good Samaritan - Luke 10:25-37


Why do you think the Jewish priest and the Levite passed by the man who was lying on the side of the road?

What do you think made the Samaritan stop and take care of this man?


Creative activity - Now that you have read or watched this story, imagine and write/draw what the next scene in the story might have been.


Prayer point - Pray to be led to someone you can help


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