Day 3: Thanks for God's gifts to us


Today's message

The Bible says in James 1:17 that every good gift comes from God. His gifts to us come in all shapes and sizes just as we do! We are all made uniquely by God so He knows which gift to give to each person. Sometimes God's gifts are physical things that we need to live each day like food, shelter, and medicine. Other gifts are spiritual, given to us by His Holy Spirit like the gift to heal or prophesy or share a wise word with someone. All of these gifts are a blessing to us but are also meant to go through us and reach others so they can be blessed too. Each gift is special and valuable so no matter which you've been given, remember to give God thanks and truly treasure it!

Reading - click here > James 1:17 & Luke 17:11-19


Question - How can we be more like the one leper who turned around and went back to thank Jesus' gift of healing Him?


Prayer point - Pray for God to help you discover one of the special gifts He's given to you that you may not have discovered yet.




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