Thy Kingdom Come - Day 2: Praise!

Today's message

Praise is how we appreciate and admire God. The Bible says: 

"The heavens tell the glory of God.
And the skies announce what his hands have made
Day after day they tell the story.
Night after night they tell it again." ~ Psalm 19:1-2

So even creation praises God! We are God's creation and His children too so our praise is very special to God. He also knows that when we praise Him we're blessed by it. We all have different gifts from God. Do you like to sing, dance, write psalms or prayers, draw, paint, play an instrument or anything else? Whatever your gift you can use it to express your love and thanks to God.

Reading - click here > Psalm 126:1-3 


Action - Name 1 amazing thing God has done or make a list of all the things that you are really grateful to God for. 


Prayer point - Pray that you will be reminded to give God thanks in all things.


Turn this up loud and give God praise! 



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